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Ponds and Water Feature


Grow Master Landscaping is the new Aquascape contractor servicing the entire Gippsland region. Through our Bairnsdale and Traralgon locations, we are ideally placed to provide a complete design and installation service on all Aquascape ponds and garden water features.

No matter how dry our environment is, we will always want to live near water. A living pond or waterfall is a perfect way to accomplish this and there are many ways to incorporate water into your environment. At Grow Master we build them well and they provide you with years of enjoyment.

Introducing water to a projects adds a pleasing design element which can be a focal point of the landscape project or a tasteful support element. Irrespective, adding ponds and water features requires exceptional planning and a thorough awareness of the work site.

Introducing water involves an appreciation of levels and hydraulics. Consideration needs to be given to the water source, pumping needs and power supply. Invariably there are also lighting issues to be incorporated. Regulations apply to establish a point of demarcation between a pond and a pool…. And then the need for safety fencing.

There are endless preformed ponds and features which can be introduced to your landscaping project. In many situations, the site lends itself to a free form pond.

Grow Master can provide the very best advice to deliver a stunning outcome when you wish to introduce the water element to your landscape design...